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Why We Created

Our goal is to make Barcelona into the AI hub it has the potential to be. To accomplish this, we will organize bi-monthly paper presentations and speaking sessions from the best researchers and practitioners. While there exist other events in Barcelona focusing on Machine Learning, we thought that a place going beyond fundamentals and diving into bleeding edge Deep Learning research and applications was missing.


Barcelona has plenty of talented AI researchers and practitioners from various universities, startups, and corporates. However, to reach the full AI potential, it is essential that there are a community and a common meeting place. To create more awareness about what is happening in Barcelona, we will use #BCNai to signal locally and globally about the great work in deep learning that is happening in academia and companies.

We are continuously looking for sponsors who want to push the community forward

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We acknowledge that there are many interesting deep learning projects in Barcelona – spanning from core research to applied solutions. Therefore, we want to make room for both to allow the most talented researchers and most interesting projects from industry and startups to present. To be as unbiased as possible for research presentations, we expect presenters to have papers published at one of the top ML conferences. For applied presentations, the selection criteria is a bit different and speakers will have to submit a proposal for a presentation. 

Research Presentation

For Research, ideal speaking candidates are researchers from university or industry with a paper published at a top conference (such as NIPS, ICML and ICLR). That said, we’re open to other applications as well. To submit a presentation, use the form provided in the link below.

Applied Presentation

For our applied presentations, no papers are required. Instead, we’re looking for interesting use-cases and hands-on experience with working with deep learning. The presentations are up to 15 minutes long. To submit a presentation, please send a proposal to our team.

The Team Behind

  • Johan Bender
    Johan Bender Founder of
  • Xavier Giro
    Xavier Giro Advisor for Research
  • Jordi Vitria
    Jordi Vitria Advisor for Applied
  • Joan Serra
    Joan Serra Collaborator at
  • Juan Ramos
    Juan Ramos Community Outreach

Past Events

Our first event took place at the University of Barcelona (UB). Here, Axel Brando, Industrial PhD student at BBVA Data & UB, talked about his research on using DL for predicting variance in forecasting models. Also, Santi Pascual, PhD at UPC, came to share his research on using GANs for noise reduction in audio files. We want to thank them both for sharing their great work.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

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